From Seaweed to Gumtrees

“Give me a home among the gumtree’s … with lots of plum tree’s … A dog or 2 and a bbq. Clothesline out the back … verandah out the front and an old rockin’ chair! ” (John Williamson – google it!) How can it be … that this Monday we are leaving. We’re leaving our Nannup […]


Sand in Our Toes & Salt in Our Hair

There’s sand under our 8 feets … and seaweed in our hair! It’s been way too long since I’ve updated our site. I like to blame it on our recent ‘relocation & re-adjustment’, sometimes I blame it on the ‘busyness’ that seems inevitable when moving back into a Western life. I can conjure up a million excuses […]


Hoi An to Hue – Day Two

We all woke a little weary but surprisingly, besides the normal aches and pains that riding 90 kms will bring, with no real physical concerns. Today was going to be a whole lot easier than yesterday, just 35km with no ‘pass’ crossings. We were pumped! (pardon the pun – he he) I hadn’t really prepared […]